Who We are

In the beginning, Beaumont Farms was an active, well-respected hunter/jumper training facility, a haven for 40 show horses and managed by owners Bridget and Denis Twomey. As the Twomeys saw the positive impact of the farm and its animals and gardens on their own children, they chose to reach more people with those benefits.

Bridget Twomey

Bridget Twomey “I believe there is a great need for The White Barn Project. Professionals interested in animal-assisted therapy and learning often don't have the tools, space, or resources needed to explore its benefits. We are excited to be able to provide that to them,” Bridget says.

Her appreciation for education was nurtured at Yale University, where she graduated summa cum laude and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. After competing as captain of the Yale Equestrian Team, Bridget excelled at the top levels of hunter competition and discovered the healing power of horses. In the ensuing years, she met husband Denis and moved to Beaumont Farms where they raise their children, Will and Madeline.

“I was privileged to grow up with parents who were both committed to helping others. Working on The White Barn Project has given my own family such rewarding experiences,” Bridget smiles. “We are blessed to be able to provide a place that offers learning, therapy and renewal to others.”

Denis Twomey

Denis TwomeyDenis’ talent for creating and managing businesses is reflected in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. While attending the University of New Mexico, Denis took a summer job at horse shows around the country and was inspired to find the niche that led to Twomey’s Southwest Jumps and Stalls.

This company provided horse show managers throughout the Southwest with the necessary equipment and crew for competitions. Another company, Jumpmasters, went on to service California and Colorado.

Developing and managing Beaumont Farms later became Denis' focus. Inspired by this beautiful farm, Denis wished to share his experiences with others who might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

“Even though I grew up in a large family of 12, there was always room for more,” Denis recalls. “It was a natural occurrence for us to open our doors to foster children and other children needing a temporary home.¬†Opening our farm now to children in need seems like a natural transition for us.”

Fausto Torres Martinez

Fausto Torres MartinezFausto grew up on a small ranch in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He met and married Maria Teresa Bautista and they welcomed three sons and a daughter. Fausto immigrated to the United States in 1987 to work at a horse farm in Fairfax, California.

Since 1997, Fausto and his family have lived at Beaumont Farms where he is the head caretaker of the property and animals.

“Some people in my life have been unkind, even cruel to animals. I could never understand this. I have always wanted to take care of the animals and protect them.”¬† Fausto and his family are tremendous assets to our farm, The White Barn Project and all of the animals who call it home.


We are blessed to be able
to provide a place that
offers learning, therapy
and renewal to others.